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  New fabrics are arriving daily! Come by and let us stir your imagination.  Your creative muse is just waiting for you.  Our classes are many and varied and we are sure you will find something to inspire you!  We are a full service quilting store with over 4,000 bolts of quality cotton fabrics and the full line of Bernina products. 

Our knowledgeable staff has over 100 years of combined sewing experience with Bernina sewing machines.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Welcome to Spring 2014!

Machines, Machines, Machines
Stop by and try our BERNINA sewing/embroidery options -
That include some of the Best Prices of the Year!
We look forward to working with you.

And: For the Best Prices on Bernina Machines - Come On by! See you soon.
If you are new to our store, perhaps before you come to see us,
the following worksheet may be of value to you.
If you fill out he Webform, the worksheet's information will be available when you come in.
Some matters to keep in mind....


Bernina Club
Thurs. May 1 7:00Pm, Friday May 2 10:00Am or Saturday May 3 10:00Am

Stay tuned for information about the May meeting.

In April
What Every Art Quilter Needs to Know Before They Sew
Roxane Lessa, The Art Quilter's Coach, talked about the three most common mistakes quilters we sometimes make when we try to make original art quilts, and how to correct those mistakes! Roxane presented a fun slide show and trunk show of her award winning and not-so-great art quilts aimed at inspiring and helping us with our art quilting.
(Photos Courtesy of:

Any questions or comments, please:
send mail to: Bernina Club at Bernina World of Sewing

Saturday Sampler

Thurs. May 1 5:30Pm, 6:00Pm or 6:30Pm, Friday May 2 1:30Pm or Saturday May 3 9:15Am

We're excited about our 2014 Saturday Sampler featuring batik fabrics.
Simple, traditional blocks in an exciting new way.


Any questions or comments, please: send mail to: Saturday Sampler at Bernina World of Sewing

Software Sampler

These virtual software classes will increase your comfort level with BERNINA Version 7 embroidery software. Class fee includes a CD with instructions and video. $15 each. Please pre-register.

Tuesday, April 22 2:00-3:30pm
Create Your Own Designs

Look at the opportunities to create designs from different types of graphics.
Use the different automatic digitizing tools as well as create elements from scratch.

Any questions or comments, please: send mail to: Software Sampler at Bernina World of Sewing

Embroidery Club

Owners of all brands of embroidery machines may attend. Each session focuses on computerized embroidery techniques. $15 each. Please pre-register.

Saturday, April 26 2:00-3:30pm
Make It Mine

Monograms are a great way to personalize any project.
Learn monogramming rules, discover placement tools to get the perfect placement each time,
and make a small carrier to hold small things - from USB sticks to lipsticks.

Any questions or comments, please: send mail to: Embroidery Club at Bernina World of Sewing

Embroidery Jacobean Journey 2014 Club
An embroidery Block of the Month program started in January, 2014.

Thursday, May 1 at 10:30am-1:00pm
or Saturday, May 3 at 1:30am-4:00pm

You must be pre-registered for the monthly meetings. To do so, please call (919 782 2945) or stop by the store.

All the blocks are pieced and quilted in the hoop.
We'll have additional color way ideas for the quilt.

Progress! - As We Move Along
Where We Are Headed

Floriani Club

Get to know all the features of your Floriani software. Each month we'll use the software to design a project that you can then sew out on your own. Project information and videos will be provided. This class is for owners of the Floriani Total Control Professional (FTCP) and Floriani Embroidery Suite (FES). $15 each session. Please pre-register.

Saturday, April 26 10:30am-12:00pm
Monograms and More Digitizing

Customize napkins with monograms. Also we'll continue exploring digitizing in our Floriani software.

Any questions or comments, please: send mail to: Floriani Club at Bernina World of Sewing

Upcoming Classes

Please be aware that the IN-STORE Calendar is the only official calendar!
Don't hesitate to call the store (919 782 2945) or, of course, stop by the store - for the latest information.

(Note: The following images are clickable and will bring you to selected classes represented by the shown piece.)

April, 2014
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Laura’s New Backpack
(Morning Class)

Beginning Machine Appliqué: Cuppity Cake
(Afternoon Class)

Just The Two of Us
(Evening Class)


May, 2014

Note: May classes will be added as information becomes available.
Please do NOT call the store for registration of May classes until this message is removed!

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


Embroidery - Jacobean Journey 2014
(Morning Class)

Bernina Club
Saturday Sampler
Bernina Club
Saturday Sampler
Bernina Club
Saturday Sampler

Embroidery - Jacobean Journey 2014
(Afternoon Class)


Hidden Stars (Wind-Up Session)
(Evening Class)


Note: Please do NOT call the store for registration until this message is removed!
Just The Two of Us
(Evening Class)


Note: Please do NOT call the store for registration until this message is removed!
Just The Two of Us
(Evening Class)


Note: Please do NOT call the store for registration until this message is removed!
Beginner's Start to Finish I
(Evening Class)


Any questions or comments, please: send mail to: Classes at Bernina World of Sewing

Come By and Try - a BERNINA 880

  • Stop By - And Give the BERNINA 880 a Try.

    3" x 3 1/3"

    2 1/2" x 3 1/3"

For more information, click on:
BERNINA USA Website For More Information
Regarding the BERNINA 880

bernette Chicago

Stop by and see the bernette Chicago at our store!

In addition to a beautiful stitch - perhaps you would like to get started in embroidery?
Stop by and try.

From Sonja: I had the opportunity to "play" with the brand new Chicago 7. I was amazed how many embroidery designs there were pre-loaded. The embroidery was very easy to learn and to use. It appears to be a great way for us to get started with embroidery and gives those who thought embroidery sewing machines were out of their reach a real way to discover how embroidery can be fun and worthwhile! Opening new doors.


Press Release Oct. 24, 2013

Selected Stitch Examples

(Clicking on the following will bring you to the BERNINA USA Web page for more information)

bernette Chicago

Any questions or comments, please:
send mail to: MachineInformation at Bernina World of Sewing

BERNINA 7 Series In Our Store
The 780 and the 710 Have Arrived - Stop By and Give Them a Try
750s Are Arriving, As Well. Ask about their in-store availability.

They are beauties!

Our first 7-Series machines for customers
have been delivered to them!

It was great to see the customer's machines find perfect homes for the holidays -
and for 2013 and beyond.

7-Series Weekend-1 7-Series Weekend-3 7-Series Weekend-3

A 5-Min. Movie
the 7 Series 780
in our store.
Oct. 2012

Selected Stitch and Embroidery Samples
from the 7 Series
780 and 710
710 Has Arrived - Stop By and Try!
750 Arrived and Was Delivered - Ask About the Next one: Soon!

A Few Comments From Sonja of Bernina World of Sewing
After First Use of BERNINA 7 Series

The first time I saw the 780 I fell in love with the machine! I have not found one thing, so far, that "concerns" / bothers me.

The new design is elegant while also having a touch of "streamlining".

So far, I have had a chance to work/"play" with the 780 and the 710.

  • The stitch selection on both is a straight-forward matter. The touch screen on both machines makes it easy to become familiar with the stitch folders.

  • On the 710 I tried some of the new quilting stitches. I was impressed how the multi-directional stitch's sewing line was easily maintained.- even with the 9mm stitch blade. I definitely want to use some of the stitches with a wing needle; especially, stitch 1352 seems to have potential.

  • For the 780, if I have multiple embroidery designs in the screen / hoop, I can see the order that I have inserted the different designs (by way of "table tabs" - via the Retrieve Function Icon support of the 780). I was working with a customer the other day and with less than five minute's experience on the machine she had a very beautiful multi-design finished piece ready to go! It was very impressive to the customer and to me.

A 10-Min. Movie
the 7 Series 780
Retrieve Icon Support Dec. 2012

If you have time, we would love to show you the BERNINA 7 Series!

Click on any machine, below, for more information about the BERNINA 7 Series.
You will be viewing that on the Bernina USA Website.

Bernina 7 Series - 780

Bernina 7 Series - 750 QE

Bernina 7 Series - 710

Any questions - about the 7 Series or any Bernina machines: Stop by the store at your convenience.

Sew Steady Table
Available Now at Bernina World of Sewing

Perhaps you have a bernette 46 or ANY bernette or BERNINA that can use some additional work space:

Are you looking for a holiday gift - or, just something for yourself?

You may be interested in the Sew Steady table that is now available at Bernina World of Sewing for the bernette 46 -- or, you may order the table for all bernettes or BERNINAs.

Having the extra work area is terrific; Stop by the store and give the table a look.

A short movie showing use of the table.

BERNINA 8 Series

Stop by and see the 8 Series at our store!

(Clicking on the following will bring you to the BERNINA USA Web page for more information)

Bernina 8 Series - 830

Bernina 8 Series - 820

BERNINA 5 Series
at Bernina World of Sewing

Come by and TRY the BERNINA 5 Series!

Some features of the BERNINA 580 include:

  • Easy navigation
  • Embroidery module
  • BSR functionality
  • Total Stitch Control
  • And much more!
BERNINA 580 At Our Store BERNINA 530 and 550 At Our Store
Selected Stitch and Embroidery Samples
from the 5 Series 580

BERNINA USA Website for information on the BERNINA 5 Series
NOW in our store for you to try/purchase!

A short Flash-Video
of the Bernina 5 Series at our store.

A Few Comments From Sonja of Bernina World of Sewing
After First Use of BERNINA 5 Series

  • The control panel is “next generation” and takes some getting used to. It you are a “text-er” and part of the networking generation it will come easily!
  • Embroidery on the 580 is touch-screen; to me, it is kind of like a “baby 830” operating-wise.
  • Many embroidery patterns are already loaded onto the 580.
  • I leapt right in to using one of these patterns. Multiplied, Mirror Image and Reduce 50%. All were easy to do and stitched out perfectly!

If you have time, we would love to show you the BERNINA 5 Series!

BERNINA 350 Special Edition

BERNINA 350 Special Edition: smart and versatile

  • Two new stylish designs
  • Automatic buttonhole function
  • Extension table
  • Permanent memory function
  • Extensive stitch library

For more information - Just stop by the store at your convenience!

In the meantime, to see information on the BERNINA Website,
BERNINA Website 350 Special Edition Webpage

BERNINA Quilt Frame

Come on by at your convenience and give it a try!

A short Flash-Video
of the BERNINA Quilt Frame
in our store.

BERNINA 3 Series

Stop By And Give Us A Look - and SEW using it.

Some Comments From Bernina Staff - After Working With the 3 Series for a Few Months

The next time that you visit our store, we would like to invite you to get to know the 3 Series machine if you have not already done so.

The machine is truly inspiring and invites us to create.

BERNINA took the time to put together a reasonable-priced sewing machine with some extra – and, valuable – features

We can highly recommend that you take the time to sew some with the 3 Series machines.

As we had mentioned in our previous post:

  • The physical design of the 3 Series is very attractive; classy and contemporary.
  • Bright screen; easy reading!
  • Background is black and the writing is white. Very comfortable to read.
  • Start and Stop button, with Speed Control
  • Needle Up and Down
  • Separate motor for bobbin-winding.
  • One-step buttonhole.
  • Handle (at the top of the machine) has an opening for the Stitch Card. Nice!
  • The new tray is very easily attached. Nice glide!
  • All 3 Series machines have 30 memory slots.

Most of all, the 3 Series machines have a beautiful stitch and they sew quietly and the sewing is “smooth”.

The 3 Series comes with clip-on feet that are very easily exchangeable. In addition, the specialty feet that BERNINA makes may be used on this machine. This is a big advantage for those sewers who invest in specific feet for special tasks; for example: Feet for piping, rufflers, or quilting feet.

Don’t hesitate to ask any of us at the store to show you the 3 Series!

(Clicking on the following will bring you to the BERNINA USA Web page for more information)

BERNINA 3 Series - 380

BERNINA 3 Series - 350 PE

BERNINA 3 Series - 330

Downton Abbey Fabrics
From Andover Fabrics

Bernina World of Sewing and Downton Abbey Fabrics

Thank you - And: The fabric is Now Available!

Thank you for your joining us at December 7th Tea!

Now: Stop by and take a look at this beautiful collection.
Sonja has completed the store sample top of Simply Sybil, quilt design by Lucy Fazely.
Let us know how you are doing!

Looking for Some Ideas for the Fabric?

The Andover Fabrics' Website has a number of suggestions for use of the fabrics.

Click on the following to see a few suggestions that our store has selected for their further review.

One purpose of showing the above "selections" is: If you choose one of the above or, of course if you choose any other available-now pattern/idea: You will, then, have a feeling for fabric selection/quantities. Keep in mind: There is a limited amount of fabric that will be available. At this time, there is no reason to be later-on disappointed! Yet, given that there is now time: Planning may be important for your having what you "eventually" need.

If you have any comments about Bernina World of Sewing and the Andover Fabrics' Downton Abbey Collection:
send mail to: Bernina World of Sewing related to the Downton Abbey Collection

Recent Fabrics

Five of the most recent fabrics that we have added to the store and to the online site include:
(Click on the following to see some of the selections in a large-sized image.
To see all the fabrics, go to our online site using site navigation at the top of this page).

  • Dead Man's Cove - Henry Glass & Co

100% Cotton
$11.29 Per Yard

  • Love & Glory - Marcus Fabrics

100% Cotton

  • Selected Alexander Henry Fabrics March 2014

100% Cotton
$11.99 Per Yard

  • Floragraphix Batiks by Jason Yenter - In The Beginning Fabrics

100% Cotton
$8.99 Per Yard

  • Selected Kanvas Studios Fabrics March 2014
    New Bloom
    Bohemian Rhapsody
    Southern Charm
    Cool Girl
    Surfs Up

100% Cotton
$11.49 Per Yard


For 2014: "Downton Abbey Fabric" is the Theme

Our 2014 Gathering project – that has the theme of “Downton Abbey Fabrics” from andover Fabrics — is now fully underway!

We look forward to seeing all your beautiful work.

Note: This Gathering is now full.

Those who have signed up and are participating in this Gathering have been contacted. A "wait list" has been started and if openings arise as the year moves forward, those on the wait list will be contacted. (If you have NOT been contacted, please do not just show-up for this Gathering; the classroom is fully-booked. Sorry!).

  • Gathering participants must be -pre-registered and registration is done through the store. No eMail registration.
  • Gathering participants, surely, interact. However, the Gathering is not a class. Each participant is expected to be able to manage his/her own project.
  • Gathering participants should have experience in sewing and in making quilts.
  • The Gathering participants purchased, from Bernina World of Sewing, the fabric used during the Gatherings.
  • Classroom machines will not be available during the gatherings.

March, 2014

It was wonderful to see how you are making progress. Don't worry, sometime over the year I plan on catching up with MY Downton Abbey project!

I will see you in May! (April, I am taking a break; however, again: The BLOG is always open and anything you send online to us will be shared with others).

Have a terrific Spring and start to Summer!

Some March not-Madness

February, 2014

Thank you for your participation, again, this month. Although we did not have a lot of time for picture-taking, it was wonderful to see "in person" the progress that each of you have made.

I had to smile, when I heard a couple of "...I wish that I had made.... (someone else's' choice)". Remember: We have plenty of time to make two - or more - pieces during this year's Gatherings! Fun.


Winter-Time 2014 Progress

January, 2014

We had a good start! Thank you for your participation and for sharing with others your beautiful work.


Workers and Works!

To see the Gathering Web-page and BLOG as they develop, go to:
Web-page and Pointer-to-BLOG for 2014's Downton Abbey Gathering.

To go directly to our Downton Abbey BLOG (it is just getting started!), click on:
BWOS Downton Abbey Gathering BLOG 2014
Recent Comment Update: March 18, 2014

To contact us by eMail about this, please: send mail to: Webmaster for Bernina World of Sewing related to our Downton Abbey Gathering 2014 activities. Thank you.

In 2013, we had the One Block Wonder Gathering. Thank you, to those who took part! For information:

Archived One Block Wonder Gathering Web page.

In 2012, we had the Smokey River Gathering. Thank you, to those who took part! For information:

4-Minute Movie of Smokey River Gathering's Happenings

Archived Smokey River Gathering Web page.

In 2011, we had two full-year "Gatherings".

Each of the Gathering's quilts were selected with two objectives firmly in mind:
1) Beautiful pieces and
2) Quilts that you might view as "once in a lifetime" happenings; Not necessarily quilts you would make on a regular basis.

For information about the 2011 projects:
More information regarding our 2011 "PIECEMAKERS Times and Seasons" project.

A 2011 Participant's Santas' Pieces
March, 2012

More information regarding our 2011 "Patriots in Petticoats" project.

A 2011 Participant's Basting His Completed Piece
February, 2012

Check our Blog for all the latest news and events!

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