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Happenings -- and Coming Up

Welcome to Fall!

The New BERNINA 4 Series
At Bernina World of Sewing

Coming This Fall, 2018
Some Highlites:

Perfect size for all projects and easy to move around, sew with friends, or take to classes.

Stitch longer without interruption with a Jumbo Bobbin that holds up to 70% more thread than standard bobbins. Perfect for quilting.

The B 480 and B 475 QE machines are compati­ble with the optional BERNINA Stitch Regulator which keeps stitches even and consistent, provid­ing confidence for the beginner or insurance for those more experienced with free-motion stitch­ing techniques.

AUTOMATIC THREAD CUTTER The B 480 and B 475 QE feature an Automatic Thread Cutter. With the touch of a button the upper and lower threads are automatically cut.

ADAPTIVE THREAD TENSION Once the tension is set, the thread tension is constantly monitored and adjusted automati­cally, if needed, resulting in the

  (Click on the following to see in a larger-sized image)
To see more information related to the BERNINA 4 Series shown on the BERNINA USA Website, click on:
BERNINA 4 Series information shown on the BERNINA USA Website

Questions/Comments or if you wish to be alerted when our BERNINA 4 Series machines are ready for you to try: Just eMail:
send mail to: BWOS4Series@BerninaWorldofSewing.com

National Sewing Month Celebrations, Including:

September 1-30, 2018
BERNINA Anniversary Edition
Purchase a B 880 Plus or a B 890 Plus
Take Home a Free Golden Bundle

Bundle includes:

  • X-Large Machine Suitcase
  • X-Large Module Suitcase
  • Accessory Bag
  • Amanda Murphy 125th Anniversary Quilt Kit
  • Rulerwork Ruler Set
  • Golden Foot #1 in Tin
  • Golden Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 in Tin
  • Exclusive Golden Scissor Set with Rotary Cutter
  • 400+ Embroidery Designs on USB Stick
  • Instant Savings Off Future Purchases

If you have questions about any of the above, please eMail us at: send mail to: CurrentSpecials at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

Psst... One Super Saturday is Coming: October 13, 2018
72 mths... $5,000 or more...
Using BERNINA Credit Card

0% interest for 72 months on purchases of $5,000 or more made with your BERNINA Credit Card. 60 Equal Monthly Payments Required. October 13, 2018.

Don't Have a Bernina Credit Card?

Click Here to Apply Today

In preparation-of, perhaps browse the following.

Pre-Buy BERNINA Planning Web-form

Especially if you live in the Raleigh area: If you are interested in a Web-form regarding "Some matters to keep in mind as you begin a journey to purchasing a sewing machine" with us, please click on:

Some matters to keep in mind....

If you prefer to view the Some matters... Web-form in PDF format, please click on:

If you have questions about any of the above, please eMail us at: send mail to: CurrentSpecials at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

October Special BERNINA Academy Event:
"Tame That Technqiue"
At Bernina World of Sewing


Friday-Saturday October 12, 13 2018

At our BERNINA Academy TAME THAT TECHNIQUE course, join our team of experts and learn how to successfully stitch professional techniques like piping, zippers, Spanish hemstitching, couching, fringe, and more! Learn practical and decorative techniques and discover ways to make sewing easier using proper feet, stitches, and features of BERNINA machines for precise sewing.
  • You will work on our special 790 BERNINA machines (and we will have one BERNINA 880) during this event. This is a great way to learn more about these machines and the precision that only BERNINA offers!!!

    All skill levels will benefit from this fun filled event.

    All supplies and machines are provided during this two-day event. Lunch and snacks included. Just bring yourself!!! The cost for the two day event includes the two-day Class, experience with the machines, the BERNINA presenter who specializes in these events plus lunch.

    Cost: $179. Register for this event by calling the store: 919 782 2945 or, of course: Just stop by the store at your convenience.

    If you have questions stop by the store or: send mail to: TameThatTechnique at Bernina World of Sewing dot com


BERNINA 535 - Give it a Look!
Are you looking for a BERNINA?
There are Many options - perhaps the B535?

If you are looking for a fine machine for now and in the future: Give the BERNINA 535 a close look. Embroidery module can be added now or later; the machine's software is ready for you: Now.

Some Highlites:
  • 5mm Stitch Width
  • New 4.3" Color Touch Screen
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Security Stitch
  • Personal Settings
    and More.

MSRP $3,499.00 (Ask the store for current sales going on)
For online information for the machine, click on:
BERNINA USA Webpage Information for B535

A special, long-lasting machine.


Send me a note if you would like me to arrange a try-yourself session: send mail to: CurrentSpecials at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

FQTIO: "Favorite Quilt That I Own"
Can you say which one it is? Does this sound interesting? If so - Please browse:
Note: We have nine participants.
We want to have ten participants.
(The most-recent participant joined us July 19, 2018).

This "project" will continue until we get ten!

A Project: Favorite Quilt That I Own


Recent Fabrics
Five of the most recent fabrics that we have added to the store and to the online site include:
(Click on the following to see some of the selections in a large-sized image.
To see all the fabrics, go to our online site using site navigation at the top of this page).
  • Texture Graphics Cool Grays by Jason Yenter - In The Beginning

100% Cotton
$11.75 Per Yard

Texture Graphics Cool Grays Web Shopping

  • Peter Pan - Michael MIller

100% Cotton
$12.25 Per Yard

Peter Pan Web Shopping

  • Grunge (Seeing Stars) - moda

100% Cotton
$11.25 Per Yard

Grunge (Seeing Stars) Web Shopping

  • Batiks July 2018 - Anthology Batiks

100% Cotton
$11.99 Per Yard

Anthology Batiks July 2018 Web Shopping

  • The North Pole by Stacy Iest Hsu - moda

100% Cotton
$11.25 Per Yard

The North Pole Web Shopping

A reminder: We have a good selection of fabrics in our "Inventory Reduction" area that are marked 30% (at least) off. We recently added 20-or-so Batiks to this area and some Fleece. Fabrics are added to this Sale area regularly. We aim at keeping the number of fabrics in this area at a sufficient level to make room for new fabric that is currently arriving and on the way! Stop by and check-out the Fabric Sale area.

To see additional arrived-fabrics, click on:

If you would like to see the most-recent AND all the fabrics on our new Website and Web-ordering page, click below
or use the Navgation at the top of this page to go to "Web Shopping".


More... Sales and More

Stay tuned for information - However: Always know that the store has the LATEST information. Stop by!

Quilt! Carolina 

Now: Passports are on Sale throughout the rest of the Summer.
See you! Now and during the Quilt! Carolina days: October 4-13



Are you headed down the path - or,
You are thinking about heading down the path - or:
You have been down the path in the past and did not continue the path for some reason - Of:
Embroidery Software?

Let's try the BERNINA Toolbox soon. Priced right, with a free 30-day trial available: Now.
For information, go to the BERNINA Website at:
BERNINA USA Website for Toolbox Information

If you are in the Raleigh area and you decide to get started: Don't hesitate to let us know how your progress goes and if there is something we can do to assist you. We look forward to working with you.

If you have feedback, please eMail us at:

Any questions or comments, please: send mail to: BWOSToolbox at Bernina World of Sewing

Interested in viewing the images/panels of a second example that I used for testing the BERNINA Toolbox? If so, click below.

Following, is what I tested/discuss in this example: 

  • Have access to a set of already-digitized Alphabet letters. Move these letters to the BERNINA Toolbox.
  • Choose three of the letters ("D", "J" and "S" (in this example) and, in turn, move the three letters into a new design within the BERNINA Toolbox.
  • Arrange the three letters to be: DSJ
  • Make the "D" and the "J" smaller-sized than the "S": DSJ.
  • Ensure the new design will fit within a particular embroidery hoop.
  • Rotate the set-up-now design to fit within the chosen embroidery hoop (when the design will be ultimately stitched out).
  • Finalize the design as desired, working with design as DSJ (grouped together) or "D" or "S" or "J" ("un-grouped").
  • Review the planned colors for the design and other specifications of the design.
  • Export the BERNINA Toolbox design to the Computer's folder for Saving / Use via USB, etc. on the embroidery machine later.

(Click on the Following to see):
Webmaster's August 2018 Toolbox Example



Machine Mastery 1 - B5 thru B8 Machines

Basic Operations - B5 thru B8 Machines. Please call the store (919 782 2945) or stop by the store to register for this class.

Machine Mastery 2 - B5 thru B8 Machines

Stitch Fun and Memory - B5 thru B8 Machines. Please call the store (919 782 2945) or stop by the store to register for this class. -

Embroidery Mastery 1 - B5 thru B8 Machines

All BERNINA Embroidery B5 thru B8 Machines. Please call the store (919 782 2945) or stop by the store to register for this class.

Sep 21
Lorraine Turner - Lecture & Trunk Show
Sep 22
Sep 23

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Open Sundays: 1:00-5:00pm
(919) 782-2945

Any questions or comments, please:
send mail to: Webmaster at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

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